20 Questions With Kylie McCuen

May 11, 2006

Senior Kylie McCuen is quickly approaching the end of an illustrious four-year career as a sprinter on the women's track and field team. The Brea, Calif. native will leave Santa Barbara the all-time record holder in the 200m (23.88), the second fastest time in the 400m (54.52), the fifth fastest time in the 100m (12.16) and is part of two school record-holding relay teams, the 4x100 and the 4x400. Needless to say, she will be sorely missed.

So I guess this is what you might call the home stretch of your career, what color is the finish line and why?
Even though it's kind of cheesy, I have to say blue and gold. I came to this school to be a Gaucho, and I will always be one.

In your four years, you've managed to challenge some records as well as forge a few of your own. What time are you most proud of and why?
Definitely my 200m time and record, it's my fastest time as well as my only individual record. But I'm also very proud of the 4x100 relay time and record we just broke. I think it shows how UCSB is also becoming a dominant sprint squad.

If you could be any animal, would it be a cheetah? Why or why not?
For my land animal yes, it would be a cheetah. I've always been fascinated by their speed, beauty and grace. But I'm an ocean girl and have always wanted to live under the sea, so a dolphin would be my other. They're so smart, agile, and even know how to surf.

Being an English major, what is the most important part of writing an A-caliber paper?
Other than spelling, I have to say time. Who cares what your ideas are if you can't get them written in time.

Also, can you recommend any good books you have recently read?
Well, if you want some southern comfort, I would have to say some Kate Chopin's The Awakening, as well as [Zora Neale] Hurston's Their Eyes Watching God. But for a better-than-the-movie recommendation, it's Welsh's Trainspotting. I know I'm an English dork.

When it comes to music, are you more of an iPod shuffle person or a regular, full-length album iPod person?
Definitely full-length girl. I don't download music, just cause I've never got into it. So I either buy CD's or make CD's with my roomies music.

And what band/artist is being played the most frequently in that iPod?
Jack Johnson, he's my man.

If you had to choose, would you a) rather win the Big West Championships in one event and not place in all the other events, or b) finish in third in all the events you competed in? Why?
That's tough, for my team I would take B, because I would get them more points with four third places, but the competitor in me wants A, because I want to be the champ.

If you could make a movie about your career at UCSB, who would star as Kylie McCuen and who would direct the film?
Well I don't think it would be a Blockbuster, but I would want Kate Winslet, because she's beautiful, and everyone wants to be beautiful. I don't know how athletic she is but that's okay. And to direct my movie, it depends on what type of movie I want my life to be, but I've always like Ron Howard's films, they always seem to be good.

Is the book version always better than the movie version of any given story?
Most definitely, something always gets left out or is changed.

Who on the track team is most likely to run for president someday and who on the track team is most likely to run to Washington, D.C. someday?
For President, I would have to say Tetlo Emmen, he's done a good job representing the track team not only as a runner, but also has a social activist, and plus he would do our nation some good. And running to D.C. to support him would be Stephanie Rothstien, because that girl has run so many miles, its crazy.

What school has the ugliest uniforms?
Personally I think Northridge. They're bright red and look like cherries running around the track.

Quick, what is Pete Dolan's middle name?
Honestly, I don't know

What is the one event in track and field you secretly wish you could legitimately compete in?
Pole vault, I've always wanted to learn how to fly.

What is your favorite athletic team at UCSB besides track and field (and cross country doesn't count either)?
I have to say Swimming. Their team reminds me so much of the track team for numerous reasons. Their coach, Gregg [Wilson], is such a great guy, and I haven't met a swimmer I haven't liked. Plus they're pretty good.

How do you get ready for a race?
Well two nights before I have to carbo load and have pasta, and the night before I have to have steak; its tradition. However, what mainly gets me ready for a race is getting mentally stronger. In track your greatest enemy is yourself, and you have to defeat yourself, your fears, before you can defeat your competitors.

What is your home page?
I'm such a track dork, it's our team page, www.ucsbtrack.com.

If you could give a speech at graduation, but it could only be one sentence, what would you say?
Live life to live, and work to play.

What will you be doing five years from now?
Hopefully I will be teaching a bunch of fourth graders, living down by the beach, and who knows may be I'll be married, but that's pushing it.

You may have reached legendary status at UCSB, what three adjectives would you hope people will use to describe Kylie McCuen?
I would want to be remembered for being: inspirational, hardworking, but most importantly fun.