Barbara Nwaba: A Great Example

Barbara Nwaba: A Great Example

By Kathleen Matthew
UCSB Athletics Communications Intern

No one represents the Gaucho blue and gold better than Barbara Nwaba.  As a fifth year senior heptathlete for UCSB Track and Field she finds herself ranked No. 1 in NCAA and holds the school record for the heptathlon.

"I'm definitely going to miss wearing that uniform," Nwaba said, as she envisions the road ahead of her including the 2012 Olympic trails.

Nwaba was born and raised in Los Angeles, but her parents came to the United States from Nigeria, where most of her extended family still lives.

"We grew up in a very disciplined household," Nwaba explained. "My parents are really strict, but anything I wanted to do they were all about putting your all into it."

Nwaba's competitive spirit led her to love running at a young age, but it wasn't until high school that she actually competed on a team. Running came naturally to her and she later discovered that her grandfather was a serious track athlete in Nigeria.

"It was really inspiring to know that and know where I got it from," Nwaba said.

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