Gauchos Down Davis, Advance to Semifinals of Big West Tournament

April 30, 2010

Indian Wells, Calif - The UC Santa Barbara women's tennis team made it past UC Davis on Friday morning to advance to the semifinals of the Big West tournament in Indian Wells. The Gauchos took the match 4-1, with not all of the matches being completed once the victory was sealed.

The No. 2 seed Gauchos (13-10) took two doubles matches from the No. 7 seed Aggies (9-11) to win the point, and then won three of the four singles contests that were completed.

Jill Damion and Asagi Onaga won the first doubles matchup for UCSB at the No. 3 position, as they swept Noelle Eades and Lauren Curry (8-0). Tova Hausman and Bryanna Ojeda then secured the point with their No. 1 victory over Desiree Stone and Herzyl Legaspi (8-3). Jordan Dockendorf and Natalia Lozano did not finish their No. 2 match against Dahra Zamudio and Ellie Edles.

Up 1-0, Davis took the first singles match as Zamudio knocked off Lozano at the No. 2 slot (6-3, 6-1). That was all the Aggies would get, as the Gauchos sealed the win by taking the next three points.

At the No. 4 position, Damion easily handled Curry by the count of (6-2, 6-3). Ojeda then won the No. 6 match in a straight set victory over Sidney Brady (6-2, 6-2). Finally, Hausman put the match out of reach by claiming the No. 3 matchup against Legaspi (6-2, 6-2).

Sofia Novak took on Stone at the No. 1 position, and Annabel Gledden faced Edles at the No. 5 spot, but neither match was completed.

The Gauchos will rest this evening, and will play tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., against the winner of the Pacific and Irvine match this afternoon.

1. Hausman/Ojeda (UCSB) def. Stone/Legaspi (UCD) 8-3
2. Dockendorf/Lozano (UCSB) vs. Zamudio/Edles (UCD) DNF
3. Damion/Onaga (UCSB) def. Eades/Curry (UCD) 8-0
Order of finish: 3,1

1. Sofia Novak (UCSB) vs. Desiree Stone (UCD) DNF
2. Dahra Zamudio (UCD) def. Natalia Lozano (UCSB) 6-3, 6-1
3. Tova Hausman (UCSB) def. Herzyl Legaspi (UCD) 6-2, 6-2
4. Jill Damion (UCSB) def. Lauren Curry (UCD) 6-2, 6-3
5. Annabel Gledden (UCSB) vs. Ellie Edles (UCD) DNF
6. Bryanna Ojeda (UCSB) def. Sidney Brady (UCD) 6-2, 6-2
Order of finish: 2, 4, 6, 3