No. 46 Saint Mary's Downs No. 66 UCSB, 5-2

No. 46 Saint Mary's Downs No. 66 UCSB, 5-2

March 28, 2011

Santa Barbara Calif - The No. 66 ranked UC Santa Barbara women's tennis team lost a spirited battle to No. 46 Saint Mary's 5-2, Monday, after returning from a road trip late Sunday night.

The Gauchos have played three matches in as many days. The match against Saint Mary's was originally scheduled for Monday, March 21, but was rescheduled due to heavy rain.

"We've had our schedule hampered by the rain and were forced to play multiple matches in a very short period of time," said UCSB head coach Peter Kirkwood. "That match showed our toughness and willingness to fight hard and never complain."

Natalia Lozano and Jordan Dockendorf made a big splash in doubles play defeating No. 48 ranked Catherine Isip and Laurie Gingras 8-3 at No.1 doubles. However, the Gauchos failed to capitalize losing matches at courts No. 2 and No. 3 giving the doubles point to Saint Mary's.

In singles, Sofia Novak overcame the fatigue to defeat Ana Chkhikvishvili 7-6, 6-7, (10-4) at court No. 3. Paola Cos also picked up a victory at court No. 5 defeating Claire Soper 6-4, 7-6.

The Gauchos next match is against University of Portland Thursday, March 31 at the Robertson Gymnasium Courts beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Complete results listed below:

#66 UCSB 2 #46 St Mary's 5


#1 Lozano/Dockendorf UCSB def. #48 Isip/Gingras SM 8-3

#2 Poorta/Chkhikushuli SM def. Novak/Meehan UCSB 8-2

#3 Jullien/Soper SM def. Damion/Cos UCSB 8-4


#1 Catherine Isip SM def. Natalia Lozano UCSB 6-4,6-4

#2 Alex Poorta SM def. Jill Damion UCSB 6-4,6-0

#3 Sofia Novak def. Ana Chkikushuli SM 7-6,6-7, (10-4)

#4 Jenny Jullien SM def Jordan Dockendorf UCSB 6-3,6-0

#5 Paola Cos UCSB def. Claire Soper SM 6-4,7-6

#6 Laurie Gingras SM def. Kiersten Meehan UCSB 7-6,7-6

Record 10-7 National Ranking #66 Big West record 4-1