Team Banquet Honors Graduating and Returning Swimmers

June 1, 2006

The team banquet was held in the new Intercollegiate Athletic Department Building at UCSB on April 23, 2006. There were approximately 145 people attending the banquet and it was a record breaking 4.5 hours of laughs and joy. Besides the coaches and swimmers, family, friends and alumni joined the festivities.

Award recipients are in the following: MVP: Jen Schwalb & Pat Cary Most Improved: Courtney Jenkins, Erin Yamamoto, & Bradley Matsumoto Most Inspirational: Nadia Dwidar & Grant Hurst Scholar Athletes: Jamie Lathers & Brent Nolan Golden Eagle Award: Katie Moeckel & TK Erwin Team Captains: Shannon Avison, Jen Cook, TK Erwin, & Garrett Porteous

To conclude the evening the senior swimmers gave speeches, including Shannon Avison, Jen Cook, Alli Eller, Danielle Taylor, Robbie Dame, TK Erwin, Grant Hurst, Patrick Ota, & Garrett Porteous.