20 Questions With Christine Ramos

June 1, 2006

Second baseman Christine Ramos recently concluded an outstanding freshman season with the UCSB softball team, helping lead the Gauchos to the NCAA Tournament for just the second time in school history. The Long Beach, Calif., batted in the leadoff spot all year long, hitting a team-best .340 en route to second Team All-Big West Conference acclaim. Christine recently took time out of her busy schedule to answer 20 Questions for the loyal readers of UCSBgauchos.com.

1) Do you have any rituals or superstitions about a game day? (i.e. certain shoes, what you eat)
A: Before the game, I can't step on any foul lines and I have to do everything the same. Like, it has to be batting off Coach Brie [Galicinao], not anyone else.

2) Who is your favorite athlete of all time, why?
A: Ozzie Smith, because he played middle infield and he played shortstop and everyone said he was like superman, he would fly in the air, and I always wanted to play like him.

3) What are three adjectives you would use to describe yourself?
A: Competitive, outgoing, positive.

4) Who is your favorite actor?
A: Vince Vaughn.

5) Who is your favorite actress?
A: Rachel McAdams.

6) What is your favorite movie of all time?
A: Pulp Fiction.

7) Name a television character that you feel best describes your personality?
A: Kramer (from Seinfeld).

8) What is your favorite team to play against?
A: Anyone who's competitive and has a good reputation in softball.

9) What is your dream vacation spot?
A: New Zealand.

10) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: Hopefully with a good, stable job, a husband and a stable home life.

11) What do you do for fun in your free time?
A: I hang out with friends and go to the beach.

12) What is your favorite class you've taken at UCSB?
A: Human Sexuality.

13) If you weren't playing softball, what sport would you be playing?
A: Beach volleyball.

14) What is one thing most people don't know about you?
A: I have two webbed toes.

15) Would you rather talk to your friends in person, on the phone, or on-line?
A: In person.

16) What is your favorite cereal?
A: Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

17) What was your first pet?
A: Probably my dog, Bandit.

18) Who was the most influential person in your life growing up?
A: My brother.

19) If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be?
A: Bob Marley.

20) If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Pizza.