Women 16th, Men 14th at NCAA West Regional Meet

Women 16th, Men 14th at NCAA West Regional Meet

SEATTLE, Wash. - The UC Santa Barbara men's and women's cross country teams took 14th and 16th at the NCAA West Regional Meet on Friday held at the Jefferson Park Golf Course on a welcoming, sunny day in Seattle with race temperatures in the high 40s/low 50s. Expectations were higher than last year for both sides given the newfound depth of the women's team and the rising stars from the men, but the Gauchos would unfortunately fall short of their team goals of cracking the top 10 in the team standings. Senior Jenna Hinkle would put down an incredible effort for the national meet as well, but she too would succumb to the depth of arguably one of the toughest regions in the country, finishing just outside All-Region honors.

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Women's Results

Senior Jenna Hinkle would make her intentions early by asserting her position in the front group, covering a quick first mile in around 5:15. By the halfway point a front pack of 10 would make a significant break from the rest of the field, leaving Hinkle to contend in a smaller group of 5 still around 50 meters back in about 15th place. Things would remain unchanged all the way up to 5k, Hinkle passing by in 16:46 while still in that pack. The physical demand from the race would unfortunately take its toll as she began to fall back with  just 400 meters to go, slipping all the way back to 27th with a finishing time of 20:16.8. Her efforts rewarded her with a faster time and placing from the previous year, but in the end it would not be her day.

"It was frustrating watching Jenna fade that last portion knowing just how much she's improved this year," head coach Pete Dolan solemnly remarked. "When you put yourself on the line, sometimes it just doesn't turn out how you want."

Sophomore Katie Camarena would find herself immersed in a massive group of over 50 runners in tow just adrift of Hinkle's group. It would take some time, but Camarena would eventually move up late in the race, finishing 61st with a time of 20:59.1, matching her second fastest 6k overall and moving up 21 spots from last year. Celeste Wilson would take the No. 3 scoring position on the day, placing 96th overall in a time of 21:34.8, her second fastest 6k overall also. Her placing comes with the most significant improvement from last year, finishing 48 spots higher than her 2016 regional finish. Emily Lopez and Isa Marshall would finish up the team scoring for the women by placing 114th and 134th with times of 21:52.0 and 22:04 respectively. Conference wise, they were the first Big West Conference team to finish at the meet with Cal Poly and UC Riverside finishing right behind the Gauchos in 17th and 18th.

Dolan would go on to say that, "it was still a great season campaign. The women fully deserve to enjoy their accomplishments. This day will unfortunately not be part of that greatness."


Top 20 (out of 36 total)


  1. San Francisco 59

  2. Stanford 76

  3. Oregon 92

  4. Boise State 104

  5. California 183

  6. Washington 202

  7. Arizona 203

  8. San Jose St. 302

  9. Arizona St. 304

  10. Portland 308

  11. Loyola Marymount 336

  12. UCLA 342

  13. Oregon St. 392

  14. Idaho 393

  15. Washington St. 420

  16. UC Santa Barbara 427

  17. UC Riverside 486

  18. Cal Poly 497

  19. Cal St. Fullerton 511

  20. UC Davis 591


Men's Results

The men would as a whole take a more conservative approach, starting mid-pack in the beginning, before taking closer order in the second half of the race. After slipping back to the No. 4 scorer at conference, redshirt freshman Isaiah Lozano would serve as the main contender for the Gaucho men on the day, taking 57th overall in his first attempt at 10k in a time of 30:48.8. If Lozano had any sense of doubt from his performance two weeks ago, it didn't show at all today, looking the part of a seasoned veteran as he navigated through the field. Teammate Yousef Baddour would come in after Isaiah in 79th with a time of 31:12.3, methodically moving farther up with each mile like he did for his conference race. True freshman Brian Schulz would have a respectable performance in his own right by finishing 105th in a time of 31:41.8, with Patrick Bourke a few steps behind in 110th in 31:46.2. Lastly, Jarett Chinn would take the No. 5 scoring position as he's done for almost all the latter half of the season with a 131st place finish in 32:18.6.

Points wise the men would score a total of 481, matching that of Loyola Marymount, but by virtue of placing for their first scoring runner,  Marymount would be awarded the higher placing at 13th. At 14th overall, the Santa Barbara men match their finish from last year.

"The result isn't what they wanted by any means," said Dolan, "but it's still an accomplishment. A team this young bodes well for the future."

Top 15 (out of 30 total)

  1. Portland 63

  2. Washington 65

  3. Stanford 85

  4. Oregon 149

  5. UCLA 164

  6. Boise State 168

  7. Washington St 194

  8. San Francisco 205

  9. California 262

  10. Gonzaga 294

  11. Cal Poly 305

  12. Idaho 347

  13. Loyola Marymount 481*

  14. UC Santa Barbara 481*

  15. Santa Clara 488


With that, the cross country seasons for both men and women have concluded. From here, both squads will take a well deserved two week break, followed by a quick transition to preparing for track in the spring.

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