Heptathletes and Decathletes Complete Day at UC Riverside Combined Events

Heptathletes and Decathletes Complete Day at UC Riverside Combined Events

Riverside, Calif- The UCSB combined events personnel were in action Thursday at UC Riverside. The first day of the decathlon consists of the 100m, long jump, shot put, high jump and 400m.  Sophomore Ike Okpara curently sits in 3rd after day one in the decathlon. Freshman Jeff Oechsli is in 6th, freshman Brendan Weaver in 8th, freshman Darion Wiliams in 9th and freshman Gavin Koehn in 14th.

On the women's side, sophomore Tori Usgaard is in 6th after day one of the heptathlon. Freshman Kylie Butler is in 14th. The first day includes the 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200m.

UCSB Decathlon Results

Ike Okpara- 11.63, 20'8.5, 36'6.25, 6'4.75, 50.37             3487pts.
Jeff Oechsli- 1.31, 18'7.75, 33', 5'10.75, 49.72                  3232pts.
Brendan Weaver- 11.83, 21'1.25, 26'5, 6'4.75, 52.11       3215pts.
Darion Wiliams- 11.83, 20'7.75, 39'3, 5'10.75, 54.91        3191pts.
Gavin Koehn- 11.62, 17'10, 30'9, 5'1.25, 52.27                 2792pts.  

UCSB Heptathlon Results

Tori Usgaard- 14.97, 5'3.75, 29'10, 26.90                         2795pts.
Kylie Butler- 18.50, 4'4, 34'3, 28.06                                  2051pts.


Day two of the decathlon begins Friday at 11am. The second day includes the 110m High Hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and the 1500m. The heptathlon wil begin at 12pm with the womens long jump, folowed by the javelin and the 800m.

Friday will also start the UCR Spring Break Classic Invitational with the hammers throws set to be unleashed at 3pm.