Two Gaucho Double Teams Remain Unbeaten as Second Day of UCSB Classic Concludes

Nov. 15, 2008

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - In sweltering heat, the UC Santa Barbara men's tennis team tallied two victories in doubles and three in singles competition Saturday morning at the second day of the UCSB Classic.

The Gauchos once again dominated the top two flights in doubles competition. Playing in Flight A, Scott Hohenstein and Philip Therp remain undefeated as they topped LMU's Ivan Lopez and Borta Malet, 8-4. Sophomore Alex Konigsfeldt and junior Finkelstein also remain unbeaten, capturing an 8-3 victory over Renzo Maggi and Geza Bazula of LMU in Flight B play.

In singles, Konigsfeldt bounced back from a tough loss yesterday on center court to post a convincing 7-6, 6-1 victory over Aris Andresian of LMU in Flight A. The win sets up an important match against Cal Poly ace Rob Foy tomorrow.

Freshman newcomer Devin Derenberg is taking full advantage of his opportunity to play singles with the injuries to hohenstein and Therp. The native of Montara, Calif. remains undefeated in the tournament, posting a 6-4, 6-1 win over Bazula.

Josh Finkelstein also came out of the round with a punishing 6-0, 6-2 victory over Mustangs' Dmitry Popov. However, the middle of the line-up continues to struggle as Taylor, Goggin, Jurgensen and Forget lost Saturday morning. All four Gauchos have yet to capture their first win in singles play in the UCSB Classic.

The Gauchos will head back out onto the court tomorrow at 1 p.m. in the third and final day of the UCSB Classic. All matches will be at the UCSB Recreation Center courts.

UCSB Classic - Second Day Gaucho Round Robin Results


Flight A: Alex Konigsfeldt UCSB def. Aris Andresian LMU 7-6,6-1

Flight B: Ivan Lopez LMU def. Max Taylor UCSB 4-6.6-3,6-0

Flight C: Borja Malet LMU def. Taylor Goggin UCSB 6-4,6-1

Flight D: Aram Abgaryan LMU def. Evan Jurgensen UCSB 6-2,7-6

Flight E: Renzo Maggi LMU def. Mathieu Forget UCSB 1-6,6-4,6-3

Flight F: Devin Nerenberg UCSB def. Geza Bazula LMU 6-4,6-1

Flight G: Josh Finkelstein UCSB def. Dmitry Popov LMU 6-2,6-0

Flight H Nick Caledonia UCSB won by default


Flight A: Hohenstein/Therp UCSB def. Lopez/Malet LMU 8-4

Flight B: Konigsfeldt/Finkelstein UCSB def. Maggi/Bazula LMU 8-3

Flight C: Andresian/Abgaryan LMU def. Taylor/Goggin UCSB 8-6

Flight D: Nerenberg/Jurgensen UCSB won by default