Gauchos Fair Well in Doubles in First Round of UCSB Classic

Nov. 14, 2008

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The UC Santa Barbara men's tennis team opened the first round of the UCSB Classic on Friday afternoon by grabbing three out of four wins in doubles competition. Unfortunately, UCSB's stamina ran low as a slew of Sacramento State players upended five Gauchos in singles play.

In Flight A doubles, Philip Therp matched up with Scott Hohenstein to battle Sacramento State's Anton Stryhas and Jason Smith. Therp and Hohenstein rallied in the late sets to push past the Hornets duo in an 8-6 defeat. Also tallying on the wins for the Gauchos was sophomore Alex Konigsfeldt and junior Josh Finkelstein. The pair finished off the Hornets' Kiryl Harbatsiuk and Marko Starcevic in Flight B competition, 8-5.

Devin Nerenberg was the Gaucho of the day, winning his doubles match 8-0 and coming from behind to earn a hard fought singles win in the F flight, 2-6, 6-2, 6-3.

As for the singles, Konigsfeldt, Taylor, Goggin, Jurgensen and Forget dropped their matches in flighted competition.

The Gauchos will resume play tomorrow at 9 a.m. when they host LMU at the Recreation Center courts.

Complete Results Below Singles

Flight A: Rob Foy CP def. Aris Andresian LMU 7-5,4-6,7-5,
Anton Stryhas SS def. Alex Konigsfeldt UCSB 6-0,6-4

Flight B: Ivan Lopez LMU def. Alex Sonesson CP 7-6,7-5
Kiryl Harbatsiuk SS def. Max Taylor UCSB 6-1,6-3

Flight C: Brian McPhee CP def. Borta Malet LMU 3-6,6-2,6-2
Jason Smith SS def. Taylor Goggin UCSB 6-2,6-2

Flight D: Drew Jacobs CP def. Aram Abgaryan LMU 6-4,6-0
Artur Klimenka SS def. Evan Jurgensen UCSB 6-2,6-2

Flight E: Andre Dome CP def. Renzo Maggi LMU 2-6,6-2,6-1
Holden Ching SS def. Mathieu Forget UCSB 2-6,7-6,6-1

Flight F: Blake Wardman CP def. Geza Bazula LMU 3-6,6-4,6-3
Devin Nerenberg UCSB def. Marko Starcevic SS 2-6,6-2,6-3

Flight G: Nick Berger CP def. Dmitry Popov LMU 6-4,6-1
Josh Finkelstein UCSB def. Jimmy Roberts SS 6-1,6-2

Flight H Nick Caledonia UCSB def. Brad Murdoch 6-0,6-1


Flight A: Sonesson/Wardman CP def. Lopez/Malet LMU 9-8
Hohenstein/Therp UCSB def. Stryhas/Smith 8-6

Flight B: Konigsfeldt/Finkelstein UCSB def. Harbatsiuk/Starcevic 8-5
Foy/Dome CP def. Maggi/Bazula LMU 8-5

Flight C: Andresian/Abgaryan LMU def. Zacks/Jacobs CP 9-7
Ching/Klimenka SS def. Taylor/Goggin UCSB 8-4

Flight D: Nerenberg/Jurgensen UCSB def. Roberts/Murdoch SS 8-0