Jon Kraetsch Talks About the Opening of the 2009-10 Season in First Contribution to

Oct. 30, 2009

Okay this is my first blog ever so bear with me. The team has been together for almost two months now and it has been an interesting experience, especially as a senior, to watch the freshmen and transfers take more and more steps toward becoming Gauchos, one of those steps being the ability to sit through one of Gregg's monologues (the lunch after our intrasquad meet for instance).

We've completed training camp, our intrasquad and alumni meets, and all of us are getting pumped up to complete our goal of going undefeated in dual meets this year, we came close in our 2007-2008 season with just one loss - to ASU.

This past week has been difficult for the Gaucho Men, about half of us have been sick, but as always we'll get past it and push through this minor bump in the road.

The alumni meet was, I'm sure, somewhat bittersweet for most of the seniors to know that in five or six months we'll be able to proudly call ourselves Former All-Time Gaucho Greats. But now we're in the middle of the duel meet season and have a meet against Cal Poly tomorrow and all the guys are excited to race another school, watching the girls race UCLA and OSU only made the men want to race someone with a different cap on.

Even though the meet tomorrow isn't an official meet, we're all excited to start our duel meet season with a huge bang. We've also been looking at the top 50 times so far this season and getting some guys on that list is our top goal tomorrow and for the rest of the season.

Jon Kraetsch