Team Banquet Honors Graduating and Returning Swimmers

June 1, 2006

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The team banquet was held in the new Intercollegiate Athletic Department Building at UCSB on April 23, 2006. There were approximately 145 people attending the banquet and it was a record breaking 4.5 hours of laughs and joy. Besides the coaches and swimmers, family, friends and alumni joined the festivities.

Award recipients are in the following: MVP: Jen Schwalb & Pat Cary Most Improved: Courtney Jenkins, Erin Yamamoto, & Bradley Matsumoto Most Inspirational: Nadia Dwidar & Grant Hurst Scholar Athletes: Jamie Lathers & Brent Nolan Golden Eagle Award: Katie Moeckel & TK Erwin Team Captains: Shannon Avison, Jen Cook, TK Erwin, & Garrett Porteous

To conclude the evening the senior swimmers gave speeches, including Shannon Avison, Jen Cook, Alli Eller, Danielle Taylor, Robbie Dame, TK Erwin, Grant Hurst, Patrick Ota, & Garrett Porteous.