Gauchos Defeat Cal Poly After a Tough Battle

Gauchos Defeat Cal Poly After a Tough Battle

UCSB struggled to hold the lead against Cal Poly in today's meet but were able to pull through in the last race of the day. After fighting back and forth for first place throughout the whole meet, the Gaucho men's "A" relay won first place in the 200 freestyle relay (the last event) with a time of 1:22.75, securing the meet win. The final score of today's battle was 150-144. 

Head coach Matt Macedo was thrilled with the mens' performance stating, "This was a hard fought win on the men's side. We were down at the first diving break and had a slim lead at the second break. We knew what we had to do to secure the victory and the men came through with some big swims. Eric VanBrocklin had in-season bests in the 200 (2nd place) and 500 freestyle (1st place), Mason Tittle won the 50 and 100 free and was a part of both winning relays, Billy Mullis won both backstrokes and Yoessef Tibazi had a big win in the 100 fly. I am very proud of the way the men won this meet."

Gaucho men started out the meet by blowing Cal Poly out of the water in the 200 medley relay with a time of 1:30.98. However Cal Poly came back for revenge in the 1000 freestyle placing first, second, and third. 

Juniors Eric Vanbrocklin (1:39.43) and Logan Hotchkiss (1:42.33) earned their team a few more points in the 200 yard freestyle placing second and fourth.

Guacho men destroyed Cal Poly in the 100 backstroke; taking first, second, third, and fourth places. Leading the pack was senior Billy Mullis with a time of 49.29. Followed by teammates Douglas Nogueira (51.61), Ethan Archer (51.73), and Calvin Kirkpatrick (53.97). 

Gauchos pulled another strong swim in the 100 breaststroke placing second, third, and fourth places. These men included Marcello Quarante (57.73), Michael Wang (1:00.06), and Joe Kmak (1:00.44).

Senior Kevin Mendoza fought Cal Poly for first in the 200 butterfly but in the end was out-touched, placing second (1:49.99). Following close behind was teammate Chris Nolan (1:50.35). 

Gauchos Mason Tittle (20.42) and Ryan Levy (21.33) lead the short race of the 50 freestyle pacing first and second. Close behind was teammate Michael Forbes (21.58) getting fourth.

Junior Mason Tittle had an extremely close race with Cal Poly in the 100 freestyle. They fought back and forth for first but in the end Mason snatched the first place win with a time of 45.25. Less than one second behind the first two men were Gauchos Yoessef Tibazi (46.44) and Kian Brouwer (46.53), placing third and fourth.

Senior Billy Mullis achieved his second individual win of the day with ease. He went a 1:50.27 in the 200 backstroke, touching the wall two whole seconds before anyone else. Teammates Ethan Archer (1:52.49) and Nick DeVito (1:56.13) contributed to the team's score by getting third and fourth.

Marcello Quarante (2:06.10) and Joe Kmak (2:09.25) earned the team points by placing second and third in the 200 breaststroke. 

Eric Vanbrocklin battled for first place in the 500 freestyle, winning with a time of 4:33.82. Joseph Lastelic (4:37.52) and Logan Hotchkiss (4:39.66) followed with the third and fourth places. 

Seniors Yoessef Tibazi (48.08) and Kevin Mendoza (49.12) had a friendly competition in the 100 butterfly, with Yoessef pulling ahead on the final 25 yards, finishing first. 

Junior Douglas Nogueira battled Cal Poly for a point-earning place in the 400 individual medley. He was able to pull a second place with a time of 4:04.54 surrounded by Cal Poly men getting first, third, and fourth.

Going into the final race of the day, the Gaucho men were behind Cal Poly overall. However they were not about to give up the fight. UCSB "A" relay kept ahead by an arms-distance the entire time and were able to keep the lead, finishing first in the 200 freestyle relay (1:22.75). The outstanding relay team consisted of Yoessef Tibazi, Mason Tittle, Kian Brouwer, and Eric Vanbrocklin. 

With this final win of the day, UCSB pulled ahead in points and won the meet! The final score of today's meet was 150-144.

Join the Gauchos tomorrow at UCSB's Campus Pool as they compete against Hawaii at 11am.