Men Further Their Lead, Women Ranked Third Going Into Final Day of A3 Performance Invitational

Men Further Their Lead, Women Ranked Third Going Into Final Day of A3 Performance Invitational

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – After Day 2 of the A3 Performance Invitational the Gaucho men are on a run and no one seems to be able to catch them. UCSB's men's swimming team scored second or first in every event of the second day of racing, giving them a 400 point lead over the rest of the field. The Gaucho women totaled 606 points at the end of the day, sitting them in third behind San Diego State and UCLA. 

In the women's 200 medley relay, Allie Stevens (25.88), Katie Records (28.43), Kimmie Kreuzberger (25.21), Lauren Vosseler (22.90) earned the Gauchos their first points of the second day, taking third in the event.

The men's powerhouse medley relay consisting of Mickey Mowry (24.02), Andy Castilleja (25.37), Wade Allen (20.93), and Chase Lemley (20.16) finished second in the 200 medley relay, just a half second under UCSD's "A" relay.

Heren Alanis took home the first Gaucho win of the day, swimming the 400 IM in a time of 4:15.46. This time is well under the Division I "B" time standard. Alyssa Shew (4:28.67) and Reid Whaley (4:29.48) took seventh and eighth in the event, respectively.

The championship finals heat for the men's 400 IM featured three Gauchos. Dylan Kubick (3:54.05) took second, Gabe Bolender (3:56.75) took sixth, and Andy Lau (4:05.31) took eighth.

Even more impressive than the showing in the 400 IM heat is the number of Gaucho men that earned points in the 100 butterfly. The championship heat alone featured five Gauchos, with four more following in consolation heats. Wade Allen (47.06) took home the second Gaucho win of the day, followed by Yoessef Tibazi (47.90) in second, Chris Nolan (49.23) in fourth, Kevin Mendoza (49.33) in fifth, and Mickey Mowry (51.17) in eighth.

In the men's 200 freestyle Clayton Young (1:39.57) took second, Matt Drum (1:41.18) took sixth, and Chase Lemley (1:41.83) took eighth.

Katie Records (1:02.69) and Jiana Vargem (1:03.56) both competed in the championship finals of the 100 breaststroke, finishing third and fifth, respectively.

In the men's 100 breaststroke, Andy Castilleja (54.94) took third, followed by Putnam Browne Jr. (55.58) in fourth.

Freshman Billy Mullis (50.03) sealed the third Gaucho win of the day in the men's 100 backstroke. Josh Smith (50.38) followed in third, Albert Miao (50.73) in fifth, and Mickey Mowry (52.07) in eighth.

To finish off the day, the women's 800 freestyle relay took fifth and the men's took second.

After totaling the first two days, the UCSB men are in the lead with 1236 points and the women trail in third with 606 points. Tomorrow's events include the 200 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 breaststroke, and 200 butterfly.