UCSB Men's Basketball Honors Mathletes

UCSB Men's Basketball Honors Mathletes

Dec. 7, 2009

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The UCSB men's basketball team - for the third year in a row - reached out to local elementary school students with its Mathlete Program. The elementary school kids were in attendance at the Thunderdome on Dec. 5 for the Gauchos game against San Diego State. The Mathlete Program is part of the "Gauchos Give" community outreach initiative.

The Mathlete Program teaches third grade students in the Santa Barbara/Goleta community that math is fun and an essential life skill that is used every day.

Gaucho players visited Isla Vista Elementary School, Hollister Elementary School, Montessori Elementary School, and Ellwood Elementary School. While visiting the schools, the players taught 10 classes and over 200 children about math. The program not only designed to get kids excited about math and sports, but also to expose them to great role models in the form of student-athletes.

During the group math exercise, students were called up to the white board to answer a math problem, with the help of the UCSB player as well as their peers. The students earned prizes for participation. Following the group lesson, all kids received an individual math assignment that they were given a fixed time to complete. The basketball players roamed the room, interacting with the children and helping them one-on-one with the assignment.

After completing the group and individual math assignments, the kids and their teachers were presented with tickets to the San Diego State basketball game. The entire group was honored at halftime of the game for their completion of the program.

The Mathletes Program was sponsored by John Stafford and his company, Network Liquidators.