A regular diary from guard B.J.Ward and forward Adama Ndiaye.

May 14, 2002

Dear Diary,

Diary, what's up? I am sorry it took so long to write you but......I feel bad though for real for neglecting you a lil' bit but I don't treat you as bad as Adama does, do I?? No I don't. You know how it goes sometimes you get a lil' busy. The NCAA invites you to their little dance and you don't have as much time as you used to. HA HA HA. Nah, but for real I have been a little busy and a little tired. The season just ended and we got a lil' break for about two weeks and then we went back to work. It is good though because we are all determined and we have it in the back of our heads to do a lil' better than we did last year, and we know what it takes. So, we are in the weight room and doing work outs and spinning and stuff.

Going to the NCAA tournament was the most exciting thing I have ever been involved in. I can't even describe it. It is a once in a lifetime experience (Hopefully a twice in a lifetime experience for Mark and me.). But seriously, just going out when the Gonzaga-Wyoming game ended and having the crowd cheering for us was unbelievable. They had a lil' something against Lute Olson. It was like we had the home court advantage. It was great. For me, all my friends at home were talking about it because it is everyone's dream when you are young, to go to the tournament, you know. They were all asking me. "What was it like". It is just UNEXPLAINABLE. What else can I say?

Everything else is coo though. I am chillin' at my friend Robin's house right now. She keeps trying to sneak in the room and see what I'm writing because she is extremely nosy. I think that's how you spell it.

The year was kind of weird for me individually. My playing time kind of dropped at the end. It was good though to see all my family and friends there for me you know, especially my mom. She is the best. But, honestly I would rather have accepted my role and have the outcome we had then to have been playing and have had us home in March, you know. There are just some things I need to work and fix and that is all it boils down to. So, that's what I am going to be doing this summer, but, I am okay. I have that team mentality, you know. There is no other way. I have been on teams where there have been bad attitudes and that is just not the way I was raised.

My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago. It was weird because we were together for a while and we were good friends before that, and then we did not even talk after breaking up. She felt that if we were not together then we could not be friends, you know. I did not understand at first. How could we be together for so long and then not even talk, you know? It was hard for her and it was for me too, but I guess we just handle things in different ways. It was for the better though. I just did not think I should have had a girlfriend if I was not sure, especially in college, and especially at UCSB. It really was for the better.

Other then that I have just been chillin', shopping, kickin' with my friends from OXNARD and my teammates on the weekends. We had a lil party about a week ago. It was tight. It was at my house where me, Jacoby, and small Chrismen stay. It was crowded but a lot of fun. We had a D.J. and everyone was dancing. It was coo. All my teammates came, except Mark. We don't see him that often on the weekends because he is already in Holy Matrimony. But B-Full, Case, Nick, Bo, and Cecil were there. Adama and Vuk went to some camp. They did well too.

Alright, I am about to be out. It is mother's day weekend so I am gonna go home to see my momma. I have no idea what to get her for mother's day. I say, "mom, what do you want for mothers day", and she tells me, "I just want you to come home". Yeah right Mom. If I came empty handed you would disown me. But seriously she is the best. I love her and my Dad sooooooo much. I can't even explain. All of my family, I love you guys, you are THE BEST. But, Yeah, This was fun writing in this diary for Adama and myself. Adama is in Holy Matrimony too, so please excuse him. But, Yeah, we hope to have a good season next year too, so fans be ready!!!!!!!! I'm out.

B.J. Ward

March 6, 2002

Hello, everyone, what's up? Nothing much here I am just chillin. We are about to go on the road tonight to the Big West Tournament. It's crazy, this time of month for college basketball. It is only the 6th and there are already some teams that have been admitted to the tournament because they have won their conference tournament. It's just a real emotional time, you know. Some teams are going to get upset, some teams are going to be on the bubble, and some teams are gonna surprise people. There are obviously about twenty something teams who are a lock but that leaves a lot of spaces open. So, you never know.

We play Cal Poly in the first round of our tournament though. It's funny in our league because all the teams have been beat. Irvine and Utah have about five losses each. You just can't say right now, you know. Whatever team comes out the hardest and the most focused is gonna win it. That's all there is to it. I know we are all focused right now. So, hopefully We won't be back to Santa Barbara until Sunday.

Other than that everything else is okay, I guess. Final time is coming around, again. It seems that I just got done with my finals from fall quarter. This quarter went by kind of fast. I think because we were on the road a few times and we missed some classes or whatever. Missing classes is kind of hard. It is funny because you hope that the teacher will cooperate with you. A lot of student athletes try hard to do extra things because they know they will miss class on the road but they want to have the same chance as other students. I have had pretty good luck, I guess. I just ask them if I could do something extra. I always e-mail them and let them know that I am interested it is just that I had to miss class sometimes and they usually understand.

I decided to change one of my majors by the way. Instead of doing communications and black studies I am gonna do sociology and black studies. I just did not like communications that much anymore. I like the fact that the major is like 70% female and 30% male, but it just got kind of boring or whatever. So hopefully sociology will be coo. I think I am starting to get Junioritis though.

I took a break from studying the other night to go watch a movie with my best friend, Robyn. A lot of you probably know her. She is a real coo girl. We met in the dorms our freshmen year and have been friends ever since. She is always saying, "Why don't you talk about me in your diary?" I tell her, "Girl, don't nobody want to hear about you." But whatever, there you go. I am just playin though. I really appreciate her, she's hella coo. She is always there for me. I just got comfortable telling her things a little while ago. It is weird being best friends with someone of the opposite sex. If it was a boy you could talk about anything like hoop, how you are both failing class, and about girls and stuff. She doesn't play basketball, she has like a 3.8 GPA, and I don't think she sees girls the same way I do. So, it took a lil while, you know but I love her. She's really coo. So Robyn, there you go.

Anyways, I am about to be out. I need to go get something to eat before I go to practice. I hope everyone prays for us as we go to the tourney. We will be alright though, you know. It's our time!!!! Hahler!!! Anyways, momma, don't worry about me because that makes me sad, I will be alright. I love you!!

Wish us luck!
B.J. Ward

February 12, 2002

Well, what's up? It is the 12th of February and I just got done with practice. I would like to start this diary off by letting everyone out there know that somebody got dunked on today at practice. It was one of those plays where all of us were just looking at each other and saying, "damn, how'd he do that?" Everyone was looking at each other for a second. It was tight!! I am not gonna say any names but you know who you are. And listen, don't get discouraged, everyone gets dunked sometime or another. I have had my share so don't even trip.

Well, what's up everyone? We just got done with a couple of coo games last week. We played Pacific and Northridge and took care of business. The game against Pacific was good. Mark (Hull) was ballin'. For those of you who don't know him (probably a lot of people cause he doesn't talk) he is a quiet type of leader for our team. He does more by example, you know. Well, anyways. He just showed how important he was to the team and he went out there and laid it on the line you know. It is important for us to all be on that page. We play Cal Poly this weekend. You know we got that lil' cross-town rivalry or whatever. Those types of games are always good and fun to watch. We took care of them on the road and we just have to handle them at our place. We should be alright, you know.

Man, I am so sore right now. We had to go spinning the other day with Mickey (our trainer). It was not that hard but I guess when you have not done something in a long time and you decide to do it your body is not really ready. I need a massage. Other than that everything is coo. I took a couple of midterms today so that means I was up hella late last night, so after I am done with this I am about to take a big nap. That is what I say, but I will probably just talk on the phone or watch blind date or Spongebob Squarepants. I know for sure that I am not doing any homework. Hahller!!!

Well, its Valentines Day in a couple of days. I never really did much for that day. My mom always got me a card and gave me a little money. That always makes me feel loved, fa sho. I have to get Hailey something though. I don't know what to get her. Some chocolate or some flowers. I don't know. If anybody has any information or some suggestions just let me know. I might just be incredibly romantic and take her to 'Sam's To Go'. That would be coo huh? Yeah right. I will be lonely on the 15th. Who made up this Holiday anyway? It is like the only one that could leave people out. If you don't have anyone to get anything for then you probably just hate it and become a lil' Valentines Day scrooge, I guess. For those of you out there, don't trip because Presidents Day is coming up and that is a day everyone can participate in.

Anyways, I'm out. It is getting closer to tournament time. Everyone needs to come out to the games because they are going to be the last ones for Vuk (Mike Vukovich) and Adabeezee (Adama Ndiaye). Plus, fan support helps us win. Duh!! alright, wish us luck. LATE

BJ Ward 35

January 23, 2002

Dear Diary,

What's up everyone? I am just over here at my house chillin', about to go to practice in a minute. We have today off because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. That is always cool to have a three day weekend and for some people it is fulfilling to remember the struggles that blacks went through during the fight for civil rights. It is a real nice day today. I just got back from eating lunch with Lindsay Taylor from the girls basketball team. That was cool. Lindsay is a real cool girl . We have been friends ever since our freshman year when we stayed in Tropicana together. She is just real fun to be around, you know? I have a few minutes before practice so I am just chillin' a lil' bit.

Well, since I have written in here we have won two games and lost one. We went on the road against Northridge and Pacific a week ago and we just played Cal Poly about two days ago. We played pretty well. I think the win against Cal Poly was a big one for us. We played without Branduinn (Fullove) and Vuk (Mike Vukovich) who are obviously very important to our team's success. It was good though because even though Adama was hurt he was killin' Cal Poly. He was hittin' jumpers and dunkin' on people. It was lovely!!!!! Mark (Hull) was killin' too. They were really being leaders on the court and we, as a team, played with a lot of poise. I think we learned a lot in just that one game, you know. It is good though because Branduinn and Vuk (hopefully) will be back against Irvine which should be a big game. They are in first and we are in second right now.

Well, the road trip was fun this last time. It was kind of long. We were on the road from Wednesday until Sunday night. That was long and we were on the bus. I think because of recent events we are not going to fly unless we have to. The bus rides could be long but they are fun, you know? The focus of our last trip was on J.J. Todd though. He is having a few problems that we decided to help him with. Everyone just had lots of advice for him. Whitehead really had something for him but I don't want to put J.J.s business on the street like that. It was coo though. We occupy our time by studying, listening to music, and talking about girls and things like that. You can learn a lot on a little bus trip. My teammates are very intelligent.

(Three and a half hours later)......... Well, I just got done with practice. It went pretty well. We are very focused on Irvine right now. Now, I am probably going to get something to eat. I need to call my momma because I am running low on groceries and because I love her. She tends to think that I only go home or call when I need something and that is not the case. I think that I might just take some of Jacoby's steak. I don't know though, he has a tendency to not cook things all the way. I guess he likes he inside of his food frozen. To each his own. Anyways, I have some studying to do so I have to go. Wish us luck this week. It is going to be a big week. Everyone better go to the games too. Alright, HAHLLER!!!!!!

BJ Ward

January 3, 2002

Dear Diary,

What's up everyone? I am just chillin'. It's early in the morning. I had to get up early and take my car to Toyota to get its maintenance. It cost $259 for the 30,000 mile check up or whatever. Can you believe that? I can't even tell you what they did to make my car run any better than it was. They said it was just something I had to do to keep my car on track or whatever and I had no choice but to believe them because they know more about that kind of stuff than I do. Anyways, now I am at the library checking my grades and wrtiting my diary. I dont think anyone out there wants to know anything about my grades. You know, everyone has one of those quarters in college where nothing goes right and you are on the bordeline of an A- and a B+ or a B- and a C+. I just did not come out on the + side. Oh, well I guess I will have to do a little bit better this winter so I won't be in study hall.

Basketball is going pretty good. We are 8-3. We went to a tournament at Santa Clara University and played Detroit and Santa Clara. We killed Detroit. We were up by 31 at the half. I don't think any team I have ever played on has been up on another team by that much at the end of a game, let alone half time. We were excited about that win. Detroit was a good team with a lot of athletic players but I guess they were jet lagged or something. Anyways, the next night we played Santa Clara. Some of us had watched them play before our game against Detroit and they did not look good. We did not go into the game thinking they were going to just lay there and let us walk over them but we approached the game the same way we do all games. We wanted to "kill" them, you know. We wanted to come out and beat them and win the championship on their own floor. Competitive teams get a kick out of doing stuff like that. Again though we did not play solid for a full 40. They knocked down some big shots too, very big shots. I am also not one to complain about officiating but I think they were bigger fans of Santa Clara. Either way it is important for us to put that game behind us and focus on getting back on track to accomplish what we want to accomplish. We play Idaho on Thursday and Utah State on Saturday. Idaho is good and Utah State is very good.

Christmas was cool. It is a little different now that I am a little older. I remember when I was younger and I used to make a detailed list about what I wanted for Christmas. I would put the product, the price, and the location. You know, just wanted to make it a lil easier for my mom. When I was younger I never got anything for anyone else I just went to all the houses of my family members and collected. In high school it started to change a lil bit and now it has changed a lot. I did not ask for one single thing from my parents of anyone else. My mom bought me some cool clothes and gave me some money but they did so much for me on their own. I did not want to ask them for anything. I got my mom a sweater and my dad some shoes. I got my sister a jacket and my nephew Christian and my niece Catalina some Jordans. My sister has a hard time dressing them in a fashionable manner so whenever I have the opportunity I try to hook them up a lil. Oh, and Leah, never, ever, ever, ever cut Christian's hair like that again. He did nothing to you and he does not deserve a hair cut like that. I wanted to cry for him. The bad thing about it was that he did not know what you did to him. He was just smiling away and being a kid. Overall, Christmas was cool.. I LOVE MY family.

Well, I can wait forever for school to start again. I just want some people to come back to I.V. It is a lil boring up here. For New Years we all just went over to Nick J's (Jones) house and watched T.V. Not your typical New Years bash but we had basketball you know. That's cool.... It was safe. I talked to my mom and she said there is no reason to go out when I could be perfectly safe at home. She always says that though. It made more sense to me this year under the circumstances, you know. Well I'm out. I can't stand to be in the library over an hour. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!! And wish the Gauchos luck

BJ Ward

December 10, 2001

Diary, what's up? I told you I would not take as long. Well, today is Saturday December 8th. We just got done beating Pepperdine and it feels lovely. I am so happy right now but my happiness is a little hampered by the Communications 88 and History 4A finals I have on Tuesday, but whatever.

It was so good to get a win and get it the way we did. Everything seems to be clickin' right now. The Events Center was packed, the fans were loving it, and we gave them something to cheer for. And guess what y'all, we have not played up to our capabilities yet. It was a good win but we have a lot more in us, you know.

So anyway, after the game our whole team went to Vuk's house to chill for a little bit. It was good to just chill with my teammates for a while before I got back home to study. Man, I love my teammates so much, all of them. We get along so well. I have never been a part of a team like this. We have no problems. I feel that I am like practically best friends with all of them. Vuk, Mark, B-Full, Case, Bo, Chris, J-Hova, Bray, Aderbebe, Nick, man, all of those guys. They are the best and I had to say what's up to all them, you know, shout outs or whatever.

Oh, and speaking of Bray (Skultety)...Great job brotha. For those of you who don't know, Bray is a walk-on. He has put his heart in it for a year and a half and he got to play against Pepperdine and he was ballin'. I mean, he did not play any organized ball in high school, he just worked hard, coach saw it and he played him and he did good, so, yeah for Bray.

Everybody played good though, you know. It was coo, cause there were a lot of people from Oxnard there. My momma came too, she always comes, she is the bomb. A couple of my also cousins came, and one of my best friends who plays football for Cal came too. We don't play another game for a while though, I guess I can concentrate on finals huh? Yeah right.

My sister did not come though. She was having car troubles. She tried though and you can't knock her for that. I love my sister. Her name is Leah. We have one of those relationships where we were not that close growing up but now as we have gotten more mature we have become closer. She is closest to me in age. I am 20 and she is 21 but we were just a little different when we were younger, you know. I guess it is better late than never. She is very, very special to me now. My dad used to say "you and your sister are going to be best friends one day". I know what he means now. Anyway, I am so happy right now but my happiness will probably be all gone tomorrow morning when I start studying. Well, gotta go. I'll write soon.

GO GAUCHOS !!!!!!!!!!
B.J. WARD 35

November 27, 2001

What's up y'all? Nothing much here, just chillin. I Just got back from a road trip. We went to San Francisco last Friday and straight from there we went to L.A. to play USC. So, I have not been home in a while and I kind of miss sleeping in my own bed. Anyway, we beat the University of San Francisco by about 20 points. They were supposed to be good this year too, but whatever. They got beat at their home and that was that. We just lost to USC though. They had a good team with a bunch of athletes. We had 'em though. We were up on them throughout the first half but then they went on a run. We were with the them the whole game. Our team knows we are better than them. Honestly. They just had one of their guys get a little hot and he hurt us a little bit. Still though, we are 2-1 on the season. That is the best record to start a season since I have been here.

For me the road trip wasn't all that coo. First of all we were in San Francisco. I am not hatin' on all you Bay Area folks, but, I don't know man. It's different out there. At least the area we were in. I can't even explain it, I am just glad I am from southern California. Anyway, whenever I was not on the court, at shootaround or practice, I was in my room typing a paper for Communications 88. It was a research paper so it took forever. I am still not done and it is due in about 9 hours. I also lost my shoes when I was in San Francisco, that sucked. And, above all I did not play the best basketball of my life. My game has been a lil' suspect the past two games. I'm not trippin' that much though. I try not to let it bother me. It's just that I am the only one who knows what I am capable of doing and I have never once in my life played how I am capable of playing and that could start to bother you a lil' bit. I try not to let it bother me too much though, cause it is just basketball, you know, but it is still in my heart.

Anyways, it is like 3 in the morning and I'm in the middle of writing a paper. Man, being a student athlete can take a lot out of you sometimes. By the way I have this friend, she was an athlete here but she just recently decided that it wasn't in her best interest. It kind of came as a shock to me. She wanted to focus on other things like her academics and that is coo. I guess playing basketball wasn't the thing for her anymore. It is just weird, you know, to see someone go through something like that. I know everyone when they are younger wants to be a athlete. They want to go to a big college and then the pros. Then things change, you know. Its not as easy as you thought it was when you were younger or maybe your life is just headed in a different direction. You have to make decisions, you're more responsible and your an adult now. But that's life though. I'm getting' kind of deep huh? I should major in philosophy. Ah, hell nah! Seriously though I have to go to bed. This is gonna be a tough week in terms of papers and BYU (Wednesday night). I'll write soon though,, I won't take as long next time.


November 16, 2001

I have had a pretty tiring week because I had two midterms in which I wanted to do very well in. And what was I thinking, I don't know if this ever happened to you, but I thought that I my midterms were Wednesday and Thursday, but they were on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since I found out about it on Monday evening at 11 p.m., I had to stay a little late to study more. I think I did good on my midterms, hopefully there won't be any surprises.

We have a game on Saturday and I am ready to play. So are my teammates. I really don't like Westmont. In fact I don't like any team we play against. I am sure other team that we play don't like us either.

Yesterday (Thursday), my sister called me from France , but I missed it. That pissed me off so much. I was glad that she left me a message though because it made my day. In case you didn't know, I have a twin sister who lives in Paris. I miss her so much. she is like my other half. It's really hard being away from her, considering the fact that we've done everything together, shared everything and gone through everything together for 18 years.

For those who never experience it, it's tough. I mean really tough. In these circumstances, hearing her voice is the greatest feeling in the whole world, but it made me really feel homesick, so, I started to listen to my African CDs. For those of you who have your families around you or get to talk to them all the time, don't take it for granted, because the day that you're away from them for a long time, and you can't just talk to them or drive home overnight, you'll really miss them. I used to joke with my sister when I was little and we would tell each other that we won't miss each other. Now we are dying. Just something to think about.


November 6, 2001

What's up everyone. For those of you who don't know, I am B.J. Ward. My real name is Granville Burdette Ward III, but ever since I was born my family and friends have just been calling me B.J. I am a junior communications major with a minor in black studies. I am From Oxnard, don't hate it, you know you love it. I have four sisters and two brothers and about fifteen or sixteen nephews and nieces. Some of you might know Christian. He is one of the newest ones and he comes up here to visit his uncle often because he loves me dearly. I also have two of the best parents in the world, and I love them very much. I have a lot of cool friends and my hobbies are playing basketball and buying things but I rarely have the opportunity because I am always broke. That's where my parents come in. Anyways.......

I am lucky enough to be a part of the men's basketball team at U.C.S.B. This year we have a chance to be real good. In addition to all the young talent we had last year, we also have some great post players, and the return of my big African homey, Adama (Ndiaye). We have a hard time understanding him sometimes, but we love him. Anyways, the thing that makes our team so good is our ability to score the ball. We have a lot of offensive weapons so that part of the game should not be a problem. We just need to make sure we do all of the little things that makes teams good. We need to set good screens, talk on defense, execute, and box out. You know, it is as simple as that. As soon as we all get on the same level and gain an understanding of that as a group, then the sky is the limit. So, we will do our part but everyone who reads this you have to tell 15 of your friends to wear your yellow shirts and come to all of our home games. I mean, we don't have a football team and there are 17,000+ students at this school. Come support us, and the girls too. It will be fun.

Well, I am looking forward to this season. I have to go to the gym right now though because we have shoot around in about 35 minutes and we have a game tonight. I am also looking forward to writing this diary every week. I know the first entry is kind of boring but it will get more interesting as the season progresses. Just a lil intro for y'all. Anyways, I will talk to everyone in a week or so.