Gaucho Baseball Academy Now Offering Clinics and Lessons

Gaucho Baseball Academy Now Offering Clinics and Lessons

Gaucho Baseball Academy Clinics and Lessons
The Gaucho Baseball Academy offers a pair of opportunities for the Santa Barbara community to receive great instruction from UCSB coaches and players through their clinics and lessons.

The clinics take place at Caesar Uyesaka Stadium, located on Stadium Road across from Harder Soccer Stadium.  We utilize the Bob Brontsema Player Development Facility for our hitting and throwing clinics. 
These clinics are designed as a baseball school for all ages.  Each week the students will learn new drills and begin to master previous drills to improve their skills.  It is a progressive program and the athletes will begin to show improvement with a commitment to the drills and workouts practiced.  The cost for clinic is only $10 per athlete per night.  No early registration is required, just show up with your bat or glove and be ready to get better.

Hitting Clinics take place on Monday nights from 5-6 PM.

Coaches Zach Etheredge, Matt Harvey, and Casey Harms take the hitters through the same drills our Gauchos do daily.  There will be batting practice, tee work, soft-toss, and other drills using our equipment and tools.  The hitters are divided into groups to maximize repetitions and attention from the coaches.

Throwing Clinics take place on Tuesdays nights from 5-6 pm.

The program is designed not just for pitchers, but all players, as it is aimed to develop arm health and strength for all positions.  Coaches Matt Harvey, Zach Etheredge, and Casey Harms work with the athletes to teach the Gaucho throwing programs.  We will use baseballs, medicine balls, radar guns, trampolines, and other tools on a weekly basis to ensure maximal throwing development.

The Bob Brontsema Player Development Facility uses AstroTurf, so players can wear cleats or tennis shoes.


Gaucho coaches Zach Etheredge, Casey Harms, and Matt Harvey give individual lessons for all positions on the baseball field.  Coach Etheredge and Coach Harms handle most of the hitting and defensive lessons, while Coach Harvey works with the pitchers.  Lessons are one hour and are done in the same location as the clinics, the Bob Brontsema Player Development Facility.  Individual lessons are a phenomenal opportunity to get the athletes one-on-one with a Gaucho coach!

For a one time lesson the cost is $50. Buying a 4-pack of lessons the cost is $45 per lesson for a total of $180. The best value is a 9-pack of lessons for $40 per lesson and a total of $360- savings of $90.

To set up a lesson or to ask questions about clinics please email Matt Harvey ( or Casey Harms (