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The Gaucho Order


As the executive board of The Letterwinners of UCSB, The Gaucho Order strives to encourage and promote life long connections with teammates, coaches, and staff, while upholding the tradition and heritage of the varsity C that becomes a lifelong membership in the Gaucho family. The letter winners program strives to promote excellence and leadership while giving back and fostering enduring relationships among all Gaucho lettermen and women.

Dare To Be Great, Never Give Up, Always Give Back

A committee of athletics alumni represents The Letterwinners of UCSB with the primary mission to assist UCSB Athletics with strategic initiatives such as communications, Hall of Fame selections, awarding honorary memberships, regional development, and capital campaigns.

Current capital campaigns undertaken by The Gaucho Order fall under the comprehensive Walk of Champions conceptual plan.

The Gaucho Order Executive Committee includes:

  • Chairman - John Keever (Football/Rugby '66)
  • Athletics Department Rep Tom Hastings
  • Brock Arner (Football)
  • Steve Arnold (Soccer '66)
  • Jim Barber (Football '66)
  • Corky Barrett (Football '67)
  • Donn Bernstein (Honorary '09)
  • Terry Bommer (Football '68)
  • Damian Capozzola (Track and Field/Cross Country, '93)
  • Nicole Churnock (Softball, '08)
  • Gene Deering (Soccer, '04)
  • John Dobrott (Water Polo/Swimming '79)
  • Mark French (Baseball/Women's Basketball Coach '71)
  • Tony Goehring (Baseball/Football '65)
  • John Gould (Baseball, '86)
  • Kris Grazzini-Sandberg (Basketball '96)
  • Mel Gregory (Football/Rugby '67)
  • David Grokenberger (Tennis '72)
  • Preston Hensley (Football '66)
  • Scott Lindberg (Swimming, '07)
  • Bill Mahoney (Honorary '09)
  • Mike Meyer (Basketball)
  • Karen Nance (Soccer, '90)
  • Mike Nickoloff (Soccer '69)
  • Sarah Norton (Water Polo)
  • Diane O'Brien (Honorary '09)
  • Kayla Smith (Track and Field, '10)
  • Brad Tisdale (Football '84)
  • Denise Tisdale (San Vicente) (Soccer '87)
  • Catherine Tonne (Volleyball '78)
  • Paul Vallerga (Football/Track and Field '67)
  • Mike Warren (Football '68)
  • Bart Weitzenberg (Football/Rugby '66)
  • Bobbie Wilson Dame (Swimming '08)
  • Gregg Wilson (Honorary '09)
  • Phil Womble (Honorary '09)
  • Chancellor Henry Yang and Dilling Yang (Honorary '09)
  • Steve Zelko (Volleyball, '81)

For more information on The Gaucho Order or The Letterwinners of UCSB, contact Executive Associate Athletics Director Tom Hastings at (805) 893-6019 or tom.hastings@athletics.ucsb.edu. You may also contact John Keever, the Chair of The Gaucho Order, at john.keever@gmail.com.

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