The Student-Athlete Advisory Board

The UC Santa Barbara Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB)is a committee comprised of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The purpose

of SAAB is to provide a forum for student-athletes to discuss issues that affect their educational and athletic experience at UCSB and provide a communications link with the athletics administration.


Two student-athletes represent each team: one voting member and one alternate. Officers are elected from the representative members. There are two co-chairs (one male and one female), a secretary and a treasurer.


The SAAB meets once a month during the school year with other meetings called as needed. The group reviews issues affecting student-athlete life such as current and proposed NCAA and Big

West legislation, gender and minority issues, the image of the student-athlete in the university, concerns regarding athletic and academic time requirements, sportsmanship, and opportunities for social interaction and community service.