Athletic Training Policies and Procedures

Athletic Training Policies and Procedures

The UCSB Athletics Department provides medical coverage and services for all intercollegiate athletes and its 20 intercollegiate athletics teams. The function of the athletic training facility is for the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of injuries to student-athletes. These services may include injury evaluation, first aid treatment, taping, applying protective equipment, rehabilitation exercises, flexibility training, etc.

The mission of the UCSB Athletic Training staff is first and foremost the care of the student-athlete. We are committed to the total well being of the student-athlete. We strive to provide the highest quality of care within the limits of our resources, maximizing the playing time and quality of performance in any given venue. We serve as liaisons between athletes, coaches, doctors, parents, and administrators. The athletic training staff will operate within the policies outlined in the UCSB Athletic Training Policy and Procedure Manual, the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook, and the NCAA Manual.

The athletic training room staff is comprised of certified athletic trainers (ATC) who have passed a national board of certification. They are assisted by a group of athletic training student interns.

Athletic Training Facility

  • Location: ICA Building
  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Weekend and holiday hours vary due to competition and practice schedules
  • Phone: (805) 893-3424 or (805) 893-2240
  • Fax: (805) 893-5420

Student Health Services (SHS)

Physical Examination

In compliance with NCAA directives, all athletes are required to undergo a comprehensive physical evaluation and examination on an annual basis. The physical examination must be administered by the Student Health Services (SHS) and Athletic Training staff only. Therefore, physical examinations performed by physicians outside the SHS will not be accepted, with the exception of try-out student-athletes. These exams are administered to determine the athlete's state of health, as well as compile and review the athlete's medical history. The physical examination is held prior to the beginning of an athletic team's season or the beginning of the fall quarter. A SHS medical clearance card will be issued upon completion of the physical exam and must be turned in to the athletic training room prior to participation during the traditional and non-traditional season practices, games, or events. No individual is to begin any phase of the athletics program, equipment checkout, weights and conditioning, or practice without obtaining athletic clearance from the Student Health Center, the athletic training staff, and completing all paperwork.

 If a student-athlete fails to attend a scheduled physical with their team, then the athlete will be required to schedule a make-up physical examination at SHS and pay for the cost of the exam. Try-out student-athletes will be required to schedule and pay for the physical examination at SHS once they have made the team. All head coaches are responsible for ensuring that the student-athlete's name is placed on the active physical list or try-out roster.

A try-out waiver will be utilized to allow a potential student-athlete to become a squad member. The try-out waiver is valid for seven consecutive days only. The potential student-athlete must be in good health with proof of a physical done within the prior six months, provide proof of insurance, provide results of their sickle cell trait status and accept all medical expenses that might be incurred. Concussion baseline testing must be completed prior to the try out period for certain designated sports.  If the student-athlete makes the squad or participates in competition beyond the five-day limit, he/she must schedule a SHS athletics clearance exam and be responsible for the cost.

Forms for physicals are available upon request from the athletic training staff. These forms should be completed and returned to the athletic training facility.

Student Health Services

The athletic training staff works closely with UCSB Student Health Services (SHS) throughout the year. SHS provides access to physicians, pharmacy, laboratory services, X-ray, physical therapy, and a variety of specialty clinics such as eye, dental, orthopedic, emergency/walk-in, and allergy. A specialty women's clinic is also available. Counselors are available to deal with stress management, nutrition, and eating health issues. It is recommended that you make an appointment for your visits and arrive early. Student Health Services is located on campus at the corner of El Colegio Road and Ocean Road, directly across from the Events Center (The Thunderdome) and Pauley Track. The operating hours during the academic school year are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During quarter breaks and summer sessions, the SHS is open with limited services and schedule. SHS operates on a fee-for-service basis. Always check with athletic training before going to SHS for coverage questions. SHS general information is (805) 893-5361 and the appointment desk is (805) 893-3371 . You can also visit them online at SHS also provides the services of the team physicians and orthopedic consultants. Orthopedic consultations will be scheduled and coordinated by the athletic training staff as necessary. 

Insurance Coverage and Procedures

The University of California Regents and UCSB Student Health Services require all University of California students to have health insurance coverage. We highly encourage all student-athletes to purchase the Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) for the entire academic school year. By purchasing this plan, a student-athlete will have access to medical care on campus at the UCSB Student Health Center for general health issues and/or non-athletic related injuries or illnesses. Parents, this will be very convenient for your son/daughter without interrupting their busy academic demands and schedule.  Also, if you decide to purchase the GHI policy and your son/daughter starts practices and competition prior to the first day of the Fall Quarter, we encourage you to purchase the GHI Supplemental, Pro-Rated coverage. For further information concerning GHI, contact a staff athletic trainer or the UCSB Student Health Service GHI coordinator at 805-893-4634.


In addition, all students must have a primary care provider within 30 miles of campus. Student-athletes may keep their existing insurance plan, but are required to designate a primary care provider within the designated radius. If a provider cannot be found that accepts the student-athlete’s private insurance plan, they must enroll in the GHI plan.


The UCSB Athletics Department provides insurance coverage on all intercollegiate athletic teams. The athletic medical insurance provided by the UCSB Athletics Department is a secondary policy which only covers injuries sustained as a direct result of official UCSB Athletics practices and competition. This means that injuries not related to athletics (car accidents, bike accidents, intramurals or recreational play, illnesses, etc.) are not covered.  To take advantage of this secondary policy, all claims must be initially billed through the student-athlete's private primary insurance (even if the primary happens to be an out-of-area HMO). It is the responsibility of the student-athlete and/or parents to ensure that the primary insurance is billed in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in late fees or excessive charges which will not be covered by the UCSB Athletics Department.


The student-athlete's personal or parent's policy (for dependents) is considered the primary insurance policy. The athletic training staff will use the student-athlete's primary insurance first. All primary policies must be billed first (including GHI). The UCSB Athletics Department's insurance will cover medical costs associated with the injury incurred during participation of athletics events and practices only. Any remaining balances, deductibles, or co-payments not paid by the student-athlete's primary insurance must be submitted with a copy of the student-athlete's insurance explanation of benefits (EOB) and/or payment work sheet to the head athletic trainer. The UCSB Athletics Department does not receive copies of the bills. A completed insurance claim form must be attached for secondary coverage to be applied.

Insurance Policy Limitations

The UCSB secondary insurance policy contains certain limitations and enforces strict requirements. The student-athlete must fill out or update and submit an athlete and parent insurance verification form annually. Parents must sign the form, unless the athlete is 25 years old, married, or a foreign national. A photocopy of both sides of the insurance card must be included. Failure to comply with this request may result in the athlete being solely responsible for acquired medical bills. Policy provision limits medical treatment coverage for 12 months after the date of the initial injury. In addition, the policy excludes non-athletic related injuries or illnesses, and pre-existing injuries, and therefore UCSB Athletics Department cannot accept responsibility. The UCSB Athletics Department does not provide dental or optical care unless the result of an intercollegiate athletics injury. 

Medical Care and Treatment

The student-athlete must report all injuries and/or illness that could impede his or her performance during practice or competition to the athletic training facility as soon as possible. If an injury occurs away from campus and is athletics related, the student-athlete must report the incidence to the athletic training facility within two days after returning home. At that time, an evaluation is performed to determine the severity of the injury and availability to practice or compete that day, and make the necessary referrals. No matter how minor, all injuries should be evaluated.

It is recommended to stop by or call the athletic training facility for a specific appointment time. This will enable the athletic training staff to perform evaluations and progress rehabilitation with fewer interruptions. If your schedule does not allow you to make an appointment you will still be able to be seen, however, individualized care may be more difficult to achieve with a large volume of athletes in the facility.

All medical referrals, SHS or an off campus appointment, must be coordinated and approved in writing by a staff certified athletic trainer or team physician. Second opinions must also be coordinated by a team physician or staff athletic trainer. Unauthorized doctor appointments or treatments arranged by the student-athlete will not be covered under the UCSB Athletics Department's insurance policy. Additionally, no coach may refer an athlete to an outside specialist and expect the Athletics Department to be responsible for the bills.

If the athletic training facility is closed and emergency treatment is required, you should contact or visit Student Health Services during normal working hours. An alternative is to go to Goleta Valley Hospital located on the corner of Hollister and Patterson Ave, approximately 5-10 minutes from campus or Isla Vista. It is important to note that you will be responsible for any injury or illness not directly athletics related. Personal insurance information and or GHI plan information must be provided at Goleta Valley Hospital. Additional information and alternatives for after hours care can be found on the SHS website,

Extreme or Life-Threatening Emergencies

In the event of an extreme or life threatening emergency, you should activate the Emergency Medical System (EMS) by calling 911. A response team should arrive within minutes including an ambulance, fire rescue, and/or police.

Concussion Management Plan

UCSB is committed to the prevention, identification, evaluation and management of concussions. The goal of UCSB's Concussion Management Plan is to ensure that a consistent protocol is established for the care of any student-athlete with a concussion. UCSB's concussion management plan states such that any student-athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be removed from practice or competition and evaluated by an athletics healthcare provider with experience in the evaluation and management of concussions. Student-Athletes diagnosed with a concussion shall not return to activity for the remainder of that day, at a minimum. Medical clearance and return to play shall be determined by the team physician or their designee.

In addition, student-athletes must sign a statement in which they accept the responsibility for reporting their injuries and illnesses to the UCSB medical staff, including signs and symptoms of concussions. During the review and signing process, student-athletes will be presented with educational material on concussions. A complete copy of the UCSB Concussion Management Plan may be obtained from the Harry Callihan Athletic Training Facility.

Sickle Cell Trait Screening

In accordance with NCAA Division I Bylaw, as of August 1, 2010, the examination or evaluation of student-athletes who are beginning their initial season of eligibility and students who are trying out for a team shall include a sickle cell trait solubility test, unless documented results or a prior test are provided to the institution. Birth screening results may be obtained from the health department of state in which the student-athlete was born.  A complete copy of the Sickle Cell Trait Screening Policy can be obtained from the Harry Callihan Athletic Training Facility.

Participating with ADD and ADHA

Student-Athletes having been diagnosed with and prescribed medication for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) must report their condition to the athletic training staff.  In compliance with the NCAA mandate concerning the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and the treatment with banned stimulant medication, student-athletes are required to complete additional forms for their pre-participation physical clearance. Please note that the forms and information requested by the NCAA requires a physician's examination and formal diagnosis.  These forms are available through the athletic training room.  A release of health information form may be required by your physician for the completion of this process.  These forms are also available through the athletic training staff.



UCSB Athletic Training has always had privacy and patient confidentiality standards in place to ensure appropriate access or disclosure of protected health information. Practices are consistent with campus and UC system wide policies designed to be compliant with state and federal privacy laws to safeguard protected personal and or health information.  In accordance with these policies our student-athletes are provided annually with a Notice of Privacy Practices and copies are available at any time in the Harry Callihan Athletic Training Facility.  The Notice explains how UCSB may use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment for services and health care operations. Other reasons to use and disclose your protected health information as permitted or required by law are also referred to in the Notice. The Notice also explains your rights to review and control your protected health information and explains the responsibility UCSB has to protect your information.

Athletic Training Facility Rules

  • Report all injuries immediately.
  • Be on time for all appointments, taping sessions, treatments, meetings, and practices. Visiting the athletic training facility is not an excuse for being late to practice.
  • All treatments must be administered by the athletic training staff. Do not order or initiate your own treatment.
  • Abusive behavior or language is not tolerated. No profanity. Good conduct is appreciated. 
  • Wear appropriate clothing; this is a coed athletic training facility.
  • No cleated shoes of any kind are to be worn in the athletic training facility.
  • No athletic training facility supplies or rehabilitation equipment is to be removed from the athletic training facility.
  • All student and staff athletic trainers must be treated with respect.
  • Keep the entire athletic training facility a clean and neat medical environment. Pick up your trash, garbage, or tape.
  • Athletes are asked to shower before treatment, especially during post practice or workout treatments.
  • Use of tobacco and similar products is prohibited.
  • Cell phone and MP3 player usage is prohibited.
  • All rules and policies outlined in the UCSB Student-Athlete Handbook, as well as any conference or NCAA guidelines, will be observed.
  • Violations of rules will result in the ejection from the facility, and could result in the loss of athletic training facility privileges in the future.