First 'Legend of the Dome' to be Unveiled at Saturday's Gaucho Volleyball Match

Oct. 14, 2009

Several different definitions come forward for the word "legend," but of all the definitions to describe a "legend" the best may be "one who inspires or achieves legendary fame." Enough said.

For over 30 years, from the mythic men's basketball teams that slayed the UNLV powerhouses of the late 80's and 90's; to women's Gaucho hoops teams that excited a community and a campus, owned a conference, and produced WNBA players; to a volleyball program that for 26 years was one of just three teams in the nation to make the NCAA Tournament every year, the Thunderdome has housed some of the best players and teams to ever make their imprint at UCSB.

The name is also legendary - the Thunderdome. The loud, passionate fans, clad in gold t-shirts, scared the competition away and baptized it as such. The Thunderdome is not a place of sanction.

Now, to honor the Thunderdome and the legends that have performed there, UCSB Athletics is proud to announce the "Legends of the 'Dome."

Starting this Saturday when the women's volleyball team hosts UC Davis at 7 p.m., five "Legends" will live forever in the Thunderdome. Five past Gaucho stars will form the inaugural class of "Legends," and will have their 20-foot images hung from the Thunderdome walls. The inaugural class will consist of one from women's volleyball and two each from men's and women's basketball.

Each year fans will be asked to vote for the next legend or legends to be raised in tribute.

The wall of legends is part of a visual banner overhaul in the Thunderdome. Additionally, separate championship banners have been hung for each of the 69 UCSB championships and postseason appearances and can be viewed at Friday's volleyball match for the first time. Large "Dare to be Great" outdoor banners now drape the entrance of the west, east, and south sides of the Thunderdome. Banners include volleyball, basketball, and student action shots.

The Thunderdome court has also been repainted for a simpler, but stronger re-branding and use of the wording "Welcome to the Thunderdome." For a photo gallery of the new court's look, click here.

The unveiling of the "Legends" will occur at the following games. A special reception for the each "Legend" will also be held following the events.

Saturday, Oct. 17 vs. UC Davis - Women's Volleyball Legend
Saturday, Jan. 23 vs. Cal State Fullerton - First Men's Basketball Legend
Thursday, Feb. 11 vs. UC Riverside - First Women's Basketball Legend
Saturday, Feb. 13 vs. Long Beach State - Second Men's Basketball Legend
Saturday, Feb. 27 vs. Cal Poly - Second Women's Basketball Legend